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Explore the true potential of the online medium as together, we embrace the new Normal.

The pandemic may have forced us to shut down our physical office spaces, but it also revealed to us what it truly means to adapt and innovate. We harnessed the power of online technology and showed the world that anything is possible as long as we have the willingness to pursue it. As businesses, education, shopping, banking, and all other kinds of services moved online, the Real Estate Industry followed suit. We changed our business practices and were determined to be of service to our loyal Local clients even when all hope seemed lost. Our resilience helped us to launch an online Real Estate Listing Advertising PLATFORM that creates an enriching experience for both Real Estate Agents and Property Buyers and Renters. An experience that feels so real that you will never miss having face-to-face communication with your buyers and arranging open-houses.

Real Estate Agents you can list as many Properties as you wish Only £10 for 30 Days on  our new real estate listings Platform You can streamline costs, increase your visibility, and reach all the potential buyers 

in your LOCAL areas through our customized real estate listings Platform. 

Just upload the details for your listed property, such as the locations, videos, images, type of property, land area, size of property Post Code  for searches and your google sreet view, Your Listings nearby Walk Scores nearest Amenities,schools, hospitals, shopping malls, the availability of public transport, and of course, the selling price of the property, to attract a large number of potential buyers. 

You can directly answer all buyer queries in our comments section and secure a great deal for yourself. Or you can mention your contact details such as your name, cellphone number, and email ID to help buyers contact you directly.Please Note all ways have someone with you  when you do a viewing'

Our unique filter system will help buyers search for you based on the location, price, and size of your listed properties. You can rest assured that you will always be just a click away from an amazing deal. 

According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS Member Profile, The Realtor Technology Survey Report, 95% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes on the real estate market. So, why miss out on this exciting new opportunity? Sign up now and list your properties on our new One4Property Cloud Based Advertising Platform and reach a wide pool of potential home buyers. 

Together, let’s discover the endless possibilities of a new future!