The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy for Agents in 2023

The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy for Agents in 2023

The biggest challenge for agents is marketing their business. It can be hard to understand where to start, what's important, and how much time it will take to make a real impact on the bottom line of your sales. Every agent wants marketing ideas that work but don't want unworkable tasks. This guide has proven tactics with team members' years of experience in the field!

You will benefit in many ways by self-listing you properties on the One4Property International Property Platform. Self List!

Lower cost listing fees

Listing your property can save you money on listing fees by giving you more control over the sale process and exposing your property to a larger audience. Listing with One4Property increases visibility and a larger display, leading to quicker sales.

No property sales commission fees and no middlemen

Listing your property can save you a great deal of money as you will not have to pay any commission fees to an intermediary. You will be able to work directly with a team of experienced brokers who can help you get the most out of your property. We focus on saving money while providing excellent positioning, property tours, and transaction services.

Complete control over your listing

Listing your property on gives you many benefits you wouldn't get from a basic listing. More people will see your property, it will be presented professionally, and you'll be able to target your advertising to reach the right people. You also have complete control over your listing, so you can ensure that everything is just how you want it. And finally, you'll receive feedback on every listing so that you can constantly improve your chances of success.

Benefits including:

More exposure than basic listings: Your property will be seen by more potential tenants, investors and brokers through's comprehensive digital marketing solution.

The most extensive eye-catching presentation: You'll have the most impressive listing with professional architectural imagery and videography to capture your viewer's attention.

Large size and professional architectural images: Larger listing with professional architectural imagery and videos that make your property shine.

Intelligent targeting and retargeting: Your property is matched to high-quality tenants and investors looking for properties like yours. delivers repeat exposure to the most qualified tenants and investors: We give you maximum exposure to the most qualified tenants and investors.

You have complete control over your listing: You can manage all aspects of your listing, from pricing to photos to content.

You receive feedback on every listing: We send notifications whenever someone views or clicks on your property so that you can respond quickly and ensure that your listings appear in the best possible light.

Raise brand awareness growth for your agency

Listing your property can help grow your agency's brand awareness in several ways. First, it can help you build a robust online presence.

Digital marketing is a mix of online display ads, social media marketing, and search ads that can help you find buyers and build your reputation. 

Second, listing your property can help you develop a solid real estate agent bio which you can add to your agent's page. When leads find your brand online, they should be able to get a good sense of your qualifications and personality from your bio. It would help if you had a personal photograph with professionalism and a friendly demeanour. You can also opt to take a professional picture on your own if you don't have the funds for a more expensive photo shoot.

Third, listing your property can help create a unique value proposition for your agency. Your value proposition should reflect what you're best at as an agent. You should be able to repeat it throughout your marketing materials, including in a 30-second pitch to use when talking to new leads.

Fourth, listing your property can help you get branded items like calendars, pens, keychains, and notepads to hand out to clients or give out at local events. Brand exposure in your area can help grow your business.

Finally, listing your own property can help you request online reviews from past clients. Taking control of your brand by requesting online reviews is a way to ensure good past clients are a part of your marketing strategy. Asking happy former clients for testimonials to post on your website and social media channels is also a great way to increase brand awareness.


Listing your first property on

1. Register an account

In order to register an account on, users need to provide their name, email address and password. They will then be prompted to create a password for the account. Once registered, users can log in and access the property search page. If you have any questions about registering or setting up your account, you can contact One4Property for help.

2. Request an agency account for bulk listings of your whole portfolio (Optional for agencies)

Applying for an agency account with One4Property is a great way to get an exclusive lead, which will reduce competition and make it easier to land the client. To request an agency account, simply research the top marketing firms and agents to see what is working well for them. If you have questions or need help, agents and brokers are more than happy to offer advice.

3. Select a suitable low-cost listing package

  • You can choose from a range of listing packages that will give your property the best possible chance of finding the right tenant or investor.
  • Which varies in terms of features and price. The cheapest package starts at £10 and includes basic features such as a title search, photos, and more.


Optimise your listings

Provide as much detail as possible in the form provided.

Listings with a contact number available to call are more likely to be clicked on and viewed. Including contact information on listings is a quick way to get buyers involved in your sale process. Use keywords in your listings to improve engagement. Use images and videos to engage with potential buyers. Use compelling titles and descriptions to draw people in.

Provide local images and photography for your property listing

You need great images to attract buyers, and professional real estate photographers can help you with this. Including local images and photography in your listing can help buyers see the property without having to visit it in person. You can also include a map of the surrounding area and an existing guide or blog post on your site. One4Property has 27 years of experience in real estate, which he can share on your behalf.

Provide your contact information on your listing

It is important to provide contact information on listings in order to verify all the information that buyers see. This way, buyers can be sure that they are getting accurate information about the property. Additionally, including a cell phone number, email address, office number, WhatsApp details, and all social media sites where you are active makes it easier for buyers to get in touch with you. Contact information is, therefore, an important part of listings in order to generate leads.

Include social media links and contact points on your listing

Including social media links and contact points on your listings is important because it makes it easy for potential homebuyers to get in touch with you directly. By getting the agent's name and expertise out to a wider audience. Listing photos should be professional and show off the property in a positive light. Listing prices should be accurate and reflect the current market conditions.

Correct your property description with tools like Grammarly

Grammarly is a software that helps with grammar and spelling. To use Grammarly, first sign up for a free account. Next, visit the Properties page to find properties for sale, open houses, and more. You can also use Grammarly to market your property, find buyers, and learn about new developments in your area.

Grammarly offers a range of features to help users with their writing, including corrections for grammar and spelling mistakes, translation services, and a blog. The team also offers newsletters and eNewsletters to its users. The eNewsletter offers exclusive content not available on the website or in the newsletters.

To sell a property for over £100,000, you need to hook potential buyers with more than just features and photos. Use emotionally-hooking phrases to grab the attention of potential buyers with Grammarly. This will pay off in spades in terms of sales potential.

Use search engine keywords in your content without stuffing keywords.

You can use keywords in your content to increase your website's SEO ranking without keyword stuffing. This will help your site show up in prospect search results. Use tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to find keywords and ideas for content. 

Make it easy for potential clients to navigate to your website and find information about you by creating interesting images that help prospects learn more about you and your business. Engage with social media followers to create a dialogue and learn more about how you can help them.