The Selling Checklist with

The Selling Checklist with

                                                   Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

It doesn’t have to be a great hassle! Preparing your home for selling may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In the current situation. Some tasks may not be possible in lockdown, but many others are. Also, when you sell a property, two events are of utmost importance – one when home-hunters see your home listed on, and second when they actually come to visit your home. In both cases, make sure that your property looks its best.

                                                                The Selling Checklist

Here’s the perfect checklist that is easy and manageable for a home-seller like you: Clear away the mess Removing unnecessary clutter makes your property appear more spacious, clean and inviting. A tidy home makes it easier for people to visualize living in it. It increases the likelihood of them making an offer. Present your rooms accurately Make sure that home-hunters find the exact rooms that you marketed. For instance, if you said that your home has four bedrooms, they should find four bedrooms and not one or two rooms converted into a playroom or a study. This is recommended because it enables potential buyers to imagine living in your house. Prepare the documents You will need to present different types of paperwork to your solicitor or estate agent throughout the whole selling process, so use this time to gather as many documents as possible. This way, you can prevent any frustrating delays later. The required paperwork may include: Land registry paperwork Gas and electric check paperwork Certificates for windows Permissions and builder’s guarantee certifications for any major renovations/constructions Listed building consent, if your property is a listed building Others agreements, guarantees, warranties, title insurance policies or certificates Complete minor repairs There may be some small, easy fixes needed here and there around your home, and you don’t want potential buyers to mark your house down due to them. So, take care of these DIY tasks that you have been postponing for a long time now. They could include scraping limescale off your taps, refilling picture hooks and cracks and revamping the kitchen. Maintain the garden Your garden is probably the first thing your potential buyers will notice as they step into your property. Its appearance could be a deal-breaker if it fails to make a food first impression. The same applies to your back garden. Also, if you have created a remarkable outdoor space, your home is sure to stand out from the rest. 

                                                   Here are some of the things you can do:

Ensure that the grass is freshly mown or cut Tidy up the dog mess Prune overgrown hedges Paint the fence panels Remove the weeds from the patio Check the gate and make sure that it is not rickety .Let the light in Having a well-lit interior can work to your advantage because this makes it look bigger. Make sure that the curtains are apart, the blinds open and enough lights switched on. Polish the hotspots Homebuyers assess every feature of a home, but the primary concerns are usually the bathrooms and the kitchens. The reason is apparent – these parts of a house are the most expensive to upgrade. Therefore, ensure that your bathrooms and kitchen are at their best. Declutter and clean them so that they leave a good impression on your potential buyers. Here are some expert tips for you: Kitchen Tidy up the worktops Clean the windows Put away the washed utensils Organize the utensils and store food in cabinets Remove any sign of a pet, in case your potential buyer does not like pets Bathroom Clean every corner thoroughly, especially the shower doors Make sure that your bathroom smells nice Remove any Mould Put the toilet seat down Hide your toiletries away.

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